Luca Pizzaroni: ‘Gone With the Wind’

Gerhard Richter’s overpainted photographs always look a little like grade-B sci-fi: ordinary landscapes or interiors suddenly invaded by multicolored ooze. Luca Pizzaroni has done something similar with snapshots he’s collected from flea markets and eBay auctions. He dips each one in variously colored oils, obscuring parts of the original image, then scans and enlarges the result—a process that blurs the textures that define Richter’s experiments, therefore rendering the paint as an impressionistic extension to the remaining glimpses of the subject. The best of these pictures, oddly compelling, convey a dreamy groping for memories through a blur of external sensation. Elsewhere, however, the drama of added color gets a bit too obvious in a series of old portraits smeared in translucent red, garishly implying blood and murder. Fred Torres Collaborations, 527 W 29th, 212-244-5074, Through September 2

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