ENDCOMMERCIAL® / Reading the City

  Over 1.000 pictures, 544 pages.

“Endcommercial is a striking book of photographs
that isn’t really about photography. Instead it’s a book
of images that locates the soul of New York City in its
details – encoded into broken bicycles, markings on pavement,
words on signs, on concrete, on buildings, on people…
Here no distinctions are made between
garbage and luxury, advertising and handwriting,
and in the end this beautiful book becomes a celebration
of the order found in chaos, and the chaos in order.”

“This book to me is a declaration of love
and a visual guide to New York — its street life,
its buildings, its iconography, its almost secret
Big City life details and mysteries, all recorded
with love which is the basis of all photography
that really matters.”

Published by Hatje Cantz

Signed by Luca Pizzaroni

1,000$ (plus 30$ shipping)

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