Bianco Trash | Luca Pizzaroni on view at Fred Torres New York
by Monica Alberici

Everything is art. Relating to the current world of art, no sentence could be better-chosen than this one, as the Italian artist Luca Pizzaroni shows us with his new exhibition “Bianco Trash” on view at Fred Torres Collaboration in New York from June 21 to July 27.
Born in Rome, Luca is a painter, a photographer, a video maker, but above all a curious observer of contemporary life, of which he enhances the ignored peculiarities and details thanks to an inventive point of view.
He represents ordinary aspects of urban settings through a personal creative visual code, dedicating most of his attention to the poorest  elements of society.
The subject of his last project “Bianco Trash” is rubbish, which he considers one of the elements that best describes our current consumer society. Through paintings and photographs he represents the worst side of our advanced capitalist culture and reshapes the idea of garbage to create an impressive aesthetic presentation.

Why did you decide to call your exhibition “Bianco Trash”?
I was looking for a romantic title that reflected my working technique using white acrylic paint and trash bags as canvases.

What do you like the most about “Bianco Trash”?
I am a big fan of Arte Povera and the idea of accessing the audience with simple everyday images and objects.

What are the feelings you would like to generate in people who see your work?
I’m always trying to give a straight anthropological message to my audience, but whatever feeling you can get out of my work is good for me.

You are an ‘active spectator of contemporary life’. How would you describe that in 3 words?

What would you definitely not change about contemporary society?
Human ingenuity and imagination.

Have the places you have lived influenced your style and which one the most?
I was born in Rome and moved to New York City when i was 22 years old.I guess,that says it all.

How do you express your Italian origins in your works?
I always serve slices of pizza at my openings…