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Bianco Trash

Trash Bags Paintings

Bianco Trash: Pulse – May 3-6 2012

Bianco Trash at Pulse New York May 3-6 2012

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You Gonna Like the Way You Look


Saturday 1/28/2012 –  GALLERIA UGO FERRANTI Via dei Soldati, 25A   Limited Edition Silk Prints from: FLORIAN BOHM, AYZIT BOSTAN, KONSTANTIN GRCIC, ANNAHITA KAMALI, LUCA PIZZARONI –  

September 11 9:05am

A Bronze Sculpture

Bianco Trash: Pulse Miami 2011

Bianco Trash in Miami

No Comment | Art inspired by the #OccupyWallStreet movement

  Rolex Sculpture 2009 October 9, 2011, 11:33 am Artists Occupy Wall Street for a 24-Hour Show By COLIN MOYNIHAN For weeks, a growing collection of protesters…

The New Yorker – Goings On About Town: Art

Pizzaroni creates a collision of photography and painting by placing found snapshots face down on wet oils and scanning the messy, expressionistic, and chance results. The obvious, and…

Village Voice – Best in Show:

Luca Pizzaroni: ‘Gone With the Wind’ Gerhard Richter’s overpainted photographs always look a little like grade-B sci-fi: ordinary landscapes or interiors suddenly invaded by multicolored ooze. Luca Pizzaroni…

Capital – Luglio 2011

Luca,dalle parti di Baudelaire Luca Pizzaroni e’ un genio.Parola di uno degli artisti viventi top al mondo,David Lachapelle,che ama collezionare le opere del quarantenne di sangue romano,residente a…

Gone with the Wind @ Fred Torres Collaborations

June 9 – September 2, 2011
New York City

Art Bandit

A fucking crook stole my work!

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video presentation

PULSE New York 2011: Booth A-10

Shopping Cart (2008 c-print 50×60 inches)

PULSE Miami 2010: Booth E-308

You Gonna Like the Way You Look

Sotheby’s Catalogue / lot no.240

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